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Welcome to Swahili Coast

Welcome to Swahili Coast Online! The new online guide for Tanzania. If you ever wanted more information then we could fit onto our magazine. Its found right here in the best directory for Hotels, Restaurants and Tours, so you can find it your-way online.

Swahili Coast is a bi-monthly magazine featuring writing, services directory and travel advice. It is heavily distributed throughout Zanzibar and Dar es Salaam, in hotels, restaurants, tourist bureaus, government and corporate offices and other distributions along the Swahili coast.

The magazine is an incredibly effective way of reaching potential markets, in demand at many businesses across the island. It is often the principle source of information for tourists in Zanzibar and Dar es Salaam.

Swahili Coast Issues

Swahili Coast Issue 71
The months of July and August are bursting at the seams with culture, festivals, music, films, literature, Holy Month...
Swahili Coast Issue 70
Welcome to the May/June edition of Swahili Coast. As we prepare ourselves for the slow season as some of us like to call it, under...
Swahili Coast Issue 69
Welcome to the March/April edition of Swahili Coast. Zanzibar is now dusting off its shoes after the spectacular Sauti...
Swahili Coast Issue 68
Here in Stone Town, we have been hit by festival fever. The 12th edition takes place in Stone Town, Zanzibar...